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About Christopher Currin…Taking the Worry Out of Your Financial Future Is My Only Goal

Do you want to feel more confident about the financial decisions you make? Would you rest easier knowing that you are doing everything you need to in order to achieve financial independence? Do you want to have more time and freedom for the things you enjoy? You can.

Whatever your current situation, financial concerns have an impact on your life and relationships. I can help you make the financial decisions that will make the most of what you have now and help you build a more secure, enjoyable future.

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Hello, I'm Christopher Currin, President of Pegasus Advisors, LLC. The main focus of my practice is creating secure and meaningful futures for Texans with disabilities and their families. I also serve a diverse group of smart, busy folks who find that, by trusting me to obsess about money for them, they can focus more energy on their own careers and families and all the things that make life enjoyable. To be worthy of that trust, I continually strive to improve my services.

In 2002 D Magazine named me, “one of the best financial planners in Dallas” and in 2005 the Paladin Registry awarded me their Five-Star Rating. Such recognition is nice, but what I find most gratifying is simply helping clients shrink their tax bills, build their savings and learn to face the future with confidence.

I studied business management as an Anson L. Clark Fellow at the University of Texas at Dallas, then earned a bachelor’s degree from St. John’s College and received a Thomas J. Watson Fellowship for postgraduate work in Europe. My financial services career began in 1984 and I have been a Certified Financial Planner® practitioner since 1990. My recent volunteer activities have benefited my professional associations, Scouting, parent advocacy groups and Dallas public schools. When I go out to play, I am usually accompanied by my wife, Holly Hope and our children, Cormac and Flannery.

When you work with me, you can expect:

  • Straight talk. I don’t sell any financial products nor do I receive any commissions. As fee-only financial advisors, my only compensation is what you pay for my professional advice. My complete focus is on what is best for you.
  • All-inclusive approach. Together we evaluate all aspects of your finances and design a strategy where each part works in harmony with the others. You’ll see that I pay a lot of attention to areas of your financial life that are often overlooked or ignored by other “financial planners.”
  • Access. Life is constantly changing. For one annual retainer fee, you can meet with me or speak to me often as is necessary to help you accomplish your financial goals.
  • Value for your money. I am committed to providing value that exceeds my fee. It’s a concept that is virtually non-existent in the financial planning profession. But doesn’t it make sense that your financial advisor should work to save you more than he charges you?
  • The highest professional standards. I am committed to The ACP Pledge to Clients—your assurance of receiving the ethical and professional treatment you deserve.

Would you worry less with a professional fee-only financial advisor on your side? Contact me to learn more about the financial strategies that will help you achieve your goals.


Christopher Currin, CFP®
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